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“Every language is a world. Without translation, we would inhabit parishes bordering on silence.”

George Steiner

Who am I?

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My career path has been prompted as much by my passion for books, encouraged from an early age, as by my passion for foreign languages born a few years later when I learnt my first words of English. I spent hours in libraries, my nose in books.

After I passed my general baccalaureate in literature at Saint-François High School also called “Le Juvénat” in Ville-la-Grand (Haute-Savoie), I naturally decided to pursue translation studies at the University of Geneva. In 2018, thanks to the Swiss European Mobility Program (SEMP), I went to study for a semester at the University of Limerick in Ireland. In 2019 and 2022 respectively, I completed a bachelor’s degree in multilingual communication and a master’s degree in translation and specialised multilingual communication with the following languages: French, English and Italian.

I have always been fascinated by foreign languages and cultures, but it is crucial to understand that my work as a translator relies mainly on my extensive knowledge of French.

Mastering my mother tongue to near perfection is essential because translating if not simply about taking one word in a language and blindly replace it by a supposed equivalent in another language. Translating is about rendering the meaning intended by the author by choosing the right word amongst thousands, the right sentence structure and the right punctuation. It is also about adapting a text for another culture, for another audience. Each element of a sentence is crucial, each word is precious.

How was Léman Traduction created?

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After a year of professional experience as a translator/proofreader in a Parisian translation agency, I decided to become a freelance translator. Working as an internal translator was indeed rewarding on various levels, but I knew it was time to make a change in my career.

In May 2023, empowered by the knowledge acquired during this employment and highly motivated, I started the procedure to create my microbusiness: I found a commercial name, applied for registration, became a member of the French Translators’ Association, established my rates, created this website, registered on social media, and decided on a business plan.

Two months later, my microbusiness was ready.

Léman Traduction has officially been active since July, 1st 2023.

What are my main fields of work?

I have had the opportunity to translate, revise, proofread and post-edit in three main fields:

Why should you choose Léman Traduction?

Working with Léman Traduction is about choosing:

  • excellent linguistic skills acquired in one of the best universities in the world and sharpened in the professional field for a high-quality translation
  • a service tailored to your needs and expectations
  • a direct human interaction with your language service provider which ensures clear communication and guarantees you fair rates
  • a member of the French Translators’ Association (SFT) committed to a code of ethics.


Feel free to send me a review via the contact form !

Volunteer work

In addition to my professional work, I also do some pro bono activities.

Translators without Borders

Since 2023

Translating for organisations in order to give access to important information to as much people as possible.


Since 2022

Conferences organised all around the world by The Sapling Foundation or based on the TED talk format.


Since 2019

Social media/online community for exchange students

Where is Léman Traduction?

Do you need any advice?

You can contact me using the following address contact@lemantraduction.com or via the contact form on the contact page

Jet d'eau Genève, lac Léman

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